dependent validation

Company Overview

The nation’s leading provider of dependent eligibility verification, Budco Health Service Solutions brings cutting-edge advantages and industry-leading expertise to our eligibility verification clients.

Throughout the past decade, Budco has achieved these remarkable milestones:

  • Evaluated the eligibility of more than 5 million dependents
  • Identified more than 650,000 ineligible dependents
  • Saved clients more than $1 billion in first-year savings
  • Awarded contracts to conduct the largest private and public sector verifications in history
  • Contracted with more than 45 Fortune 500 clients and organized labor groups to conduct dependent eligibility verifications

Budco Health Service Solutions also provides a variety of end-to-end health care communication solutions to help facilitate production and distribution of annual enrollment materials, new hire employment packages, Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Summary of Materials Modification (SMM) communications and more.